Hi guys, My time in Beijing is almost over. I am very happy about this experience, but I can’t wait to come back to Germany!

It has been a great experience for different reasons : ..modeling, lifestyle, culture and people…I am so happy to have done this trip.

In my first weeks here, I was very crashed…everthing was so different! You can’t imagine… First there was the barrier of the language, few people speak English, the bookers, some clients and of course the European residents.

You certainly already heard about the pollution level in China and specially in Beijing, this is not a myth even if you have better days after a few weeks here you start to feel what it does to your health and body.

You also need to get use to the culinary culture of China, it is very fatty and it is not easy to handle for a model with abs …but if you have nice roommates, you can ask them to cook for you, if you can’t ask me and I will provide you some advices about good and cheap places in Beijing.

Something I really appreciate was the great monuments you can visit when the agency gives you a day off. I had the chance to walk on the great wall which is only from an hour by bus from Beijing and some others great places such as the forbidden city, Tienhamen place, China National museum…

The model industry in China is very huge…There are a lot of local brands and we were always on the road to castings, without a driver I couldn’t make it. They shoot everyday and don’t care about the time, It can be in the middle of the night or during the week-end. It is a city that never sleeps ! If you want to get a chance to be on a catalogue or a magazine you have to sell yourself because the competition is heavy.

The nightlife in the city is not very different from Europe, you can party all night in Clubs till the morning or even till the next evening. You can enjoy music from all over the world and the people are really nice and open minded. And if you are lucky enogh you might cross the road of Jackie Chan’s son like me.

You will also notice the gap between poors and richs, this is the city with the highest number of billionaire in the world so don’t be impressed by the expensives cars and restaurants.

I hope you have now a better idea about the city! Feel free to contact me for any questions…

I’d love it to share my experience with you! For sure you will be disoriented, China is another world very different from the world we know in Europe but it is an experience I truly recommend, you won’t be disappointed.

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stay tuned!

Stefan Fröschl